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Choose an affordable plan that’s packed with the best features for analyze your product in the market, and driving sales.

myMarket - One week plan

Experience myMarket for 1 catalogue on 1 marketplace for a week.

(excl taxes)
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Explore the benefits of daily monitoring for :
  • 7 consecutive days
  • Collect daily data on 1 marketplace (from standard channels)
  • Maximum 2000 offers
And get :
  • iconA deep analysis of your competitive landscape
  • iconA better understanding of your pricing strategy accuracy
  • iconAll KPIs that can help you to scope for business opportunities

myMarket - One month plan

Experience myMarket for 1 catalogue on 2 marketplaces for a month

(excl taxes)
25% off for first month
Benefits of a global competitive analysis :
  • Active for 1 month
  • Collect daily data on 2 marketplaces (including premium channels)
  • Monitor your full catalogue
And get :
  • iconA strong knowledge of price elasticity for your products
  • iconAn exhaustive list of all your competitors and their weaknesses
  • iconA global solution to explore where to sell and at which price
  • iconAn AI agent to assist you with your data analysis

Boostmyshop - All at once Subscription plan

Starts from
/ month
Unlock all Boostmyshop features on :
  • Unlimited channels
  • Unlimited offers
  • Unlimited period of time
And get :
  • iconAll myMarket features
  • iconAll myOrders features
  • iconmyPricing to deploy easily dynamic pricing and always be the most competitive
  • iconA one-stop solution to expand your business online
  • iconA dedicated team to support all your technical needs
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Boostmyshop App Freemium includes myMarket's insights—1,000 offers on 1 sales channel weekly—with a preview of myPricing and myOrder. Discover the future of e-commerce.

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